The Institute Was Set Up for the Following Purposes

Dr. Chuwa Tei has been pursuing Waon therapy since 1989 when he held his post at the Kirishima Rehabilitation Center, Kagoshima University School of Medicine in order to establish this therapy method on a firm basis. He was a professor at Kagoshima University, and left the professor and chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Metabolic Medicine at Kagoshima University in March 2012. Subsequently, the Waon Therapy Research Institute was set up to:

  1. Have Waon therapy covered by Japan’s National Health Insurance for the treatment of chronic heart failure for wider use as a medical treatment
  2. Establish Waon therapy as an effective treatment method for intractable diseases peripheral artery disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome, and so on, and to expand the use of this method on a wide scale
  3. Develope specialized medical human resources who will be practicing Waon therapy by providing them with lectures and instruction
  4. Lay out awareness campaign on Waon therapy for the general public
  5. Broadly expand the use of Waon therapy as holistic medical care for a happy long life in our aged society
About the Waon Therapy Research Institute

Location: Kanda-Jinbocho Medical Mall 401, 9-1, Kanda-Jinbocho 2-chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0051Note that this is an institution for conducting research and study, and for providing lectures and instruction to medical professionals; the services are not for individual patients. If you are interested in receiving Waon therapy, contact directly a hospital or clinic (Japanese site) near you that does Waon therapy.


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